Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm not sure what it is about the Evil Empire, but there sure are a LOT of skanks there.  All I gotta say is: Skank, back the fuck off or this shit will get uglier than it already is.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is WITH this guy?

There is this guy at work, Gene, who is a complete JACKASS.  When I first started at the store I'm at now, EVERYONE warned me about him, saying he'd ask me for my number because he likes white chicks and I fit the bill perfectly for what he looks for.  I pretty much like to make up my mind when it comes to people, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and for the most part, he didn't speak to me at all.  I just said, "Hey, how ya doin'" to him, just I do to everyone else I come into contact with and didn't really talk to him at all unless he asked me a question.  He's a quiet guy, keeps to himself most of the time, so I didn't really have to deal with him.  He asked me once if I was married, and at the time I was, so I said yes.  Then Andy and I split up, and Tom and I were a couple and he saw us together and he asked me if I was seeing Tom and I said yes.  Then he said to me, "I thought you said you were married."  I said I WAS. 

One day, not long after that, maybe a day or two... he asks me what I see in Tom.  So I told him.  Tom has a good sense of humor, he makes me laugh, he has a good personality.  I didn't gush over Tom, just stated the facts.  Then Gene started acting like a complete asshole to me.

I don't understand what I did to HIM that caused him to act like a jerk to ME.  I always treated him with the same respect that I do everyone else.  Now he's throwing MY freight on the floor, when I'm putting HIS on his carts.  He's making snide comments about Tom in front of me and just plain being a douchebag.  I said several times since he has been a fucktard to me, that I hope he DIES a virgin.  I hope he NEVER gets laid.  I also said I'd BUY the bullets for the gun so he can shoot himself.  (He is always telling the guys at work, the ones he does talk to, that he wants to kill  himself.)  I know this is terrible of me to do, considering the guy has low self-esteem, but damn... I didn't DO anything to him for him to treat me the way he does.  I always go out of my way to help EVERYONE in the store, including him, get all their work done and to have him do me the way he does just chaps my hide.  He had me cussing up a storm last week, in front of 3 other co-workers, not at him per say, but at the way he was acting toward me.  I hate feeling like that about people I work with, but this one really pisses me off.  (Well, he pisses everyone off... not just me.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lazy people

I get really annoyed with lazy people.  Take some of  my coworkers.  How hard is it to downstack your own damned freight?  Is it really THAT much of an inconvenience to DO YOUR JOB?  Why is is that I can downstack MY freight, plus the freight of 3 other aisles, and still get my shit done, but they can't be bothered?  And why does NO ONE ever freakin' say "Thank you"?  Why is it that nobody else wants to work as a TEAM to get things done?  I like to work independently, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to getting everyone else's stuff out to the sales floor, it really should be a team effort, and not just one or two people doing everyone else's work for them.  They all just sit back and wait for someone else to do the stuff for them, either that or they wait to be TOLD to do it by management, and they KNOW what needs to be done and what is  expected, so why shouldn't they just go ahead and DO it? 

Normally, I try to make sure everyone's stuff gets to their area.  I try to downstack as much as I can so that the back room gets cleared for the guys who work back there since it's not their jobs to get the nightly freight out to the floor.  I'm tired of doing it for everyone else.  Last night, I said no.  I didn't do ANYONE else's work.  Ya know what happened?  There was crap all over the place, stuff didn't get done, and I left at 7 with all my work done (except a little zoning, but 7 AM was my cut-off this morning, so I left it for once).  I feel bad for the manager on duty last night, but it's not my job to make sure everyone else has their stuff where it needs to be.  I think I might do it again tonight as well.  Bunch of lazy-assed people.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LIARS make me angry

Now I'm REALLY cranky.  Like, REALLY cranky.

"Madison Eden", since you decided you want to LIE about me, I think I'll post what I REALLY sent to you and people can see for themselves what was said and what wasn't. 

This is the actual email that I sent to her last week:


There are a few things we need to get settled.

1. It's my Rants and Ravings BLOG, not my SITE, that I posted everything on. Not many people read it, but the ones that do learn a thing or two about the stuff that pisses me off. My site has nothing to do with my Rants and Ravings blog, nor does the Rants and Ravings blog have anything to do with my site. If I wanted everyone to know about it all, I'd post it on the front page of my website. I just don't think that's the place for my anger.

2. There are a lot of haunters who feel the same way I do about what makes a person a "haunter". Of COURSE, the ones who do won't be posting on your blog on HauntSpace agreeing with you like your "friends" and admirers are, because they probably don't read it, don't care, or just plain aren't on HauntSpace.

3. I don't think I am a top prop builder. I never have. I build stuff because I love doing it. I post the pics like everyone else does, to show them off and to share with other people. I chronicle the making of each one, so that I don't have to keep replying over and over again to other haunters who want to know how I did something. Haunters are about sharing. That's why we're all online, joining groups, forums, building websites, and going to make and takes and conventions. I have never EVER felt that I was better than anyone else, and I don't believe I have ever tried to tear anyone's work down. Quite the contrary, I've been supportive to those who are trying to make their own things and complimentary when they have succeeded (or not succeeded, things don't always go as planned.) Part of my job as an administrator and moderator on my own forum and the other forums I mod on is to urge people to TRY, never give up, and be PROUD of their work. I always tell people that my earlier work really sucked, and I have the pics to prove it. Everyone who knows me, both online and in person, knows that I am humble and hate the spotlight. How can is that being a "top prop builder"? I'm a perfectionist and I'm never happy with my own work, so how could I think it's better than anyone else's? I'm always learning new techniques and trying new things, EVERYONE has room for improvement, even the pros. I think if Stoll or DeadSpider or any other prop builder pissed you off, you'd be saying the same garbage about them too.

4. Where has anyone singled out a person in a negative way on a site or forum? Hmmm? You and Pete have been singled out on my BLOG, which gets like 5 people reading it, and only because you both pissed me off and dragged me into something that had nothing to do with me. You didn't clarify diddly on your blog when you posted about the stuff that was said about you. I sent my opinion to Pete in a PRIVATE message, from a member to an admin and asked him to keep it private months ago. It was an observation of his posting (singling you out and singing your praises) that a lot of other people thought was just bad taste. It was never intended for you to see or to know about, because I knew it would hurt your feelings and there was no need to do that. I'm sure you've had opinions about other people before that you've voiced, but didn't want the person you had the opinion about to know. Even on my blog, I STILL said nice things about you, pissed as I was. Trust me, I could have totally been a bitch and posted all sorts of horrible things about you, but why would I? What would it accomplish? Whether I like a person or not, I don't like intentionally hurting anyone's feelings, it's not my style. If you had just asked me instead of jumping to conclusions and posting your assumptions, none of this would have even been brought to light.

5. Who the heck said Halloween is for haunters only? And, I'm sorry, but aren't YOU singling ME out and tearing ME down in a negative way? Don't cast stones, dear. Regardless of whether you post my name, you're still doing it. I never bashed HauntSpace. I bashed glitter comments, and I mentioned the html comment disable function because it doesn't work. I said HauntSpace was not for me any longer. Wait - while we're on the subject of bashing, didn't you and several others, in fact, BASH GoE ON HauntSpace? Ya know, there has NEVER been a negative comment made on GoE about HauntSpace. Steve won't allow it. Are you saying that y'all can do it over there and it's okay, but if someone else says something negative about HauntSpace, then it's wrong?

6. How are you making enemies? How is someone considered an "enemy" online? Are we in a war? I don't consider anyone my enemy - especially you, and even Pete. The only thing I did was point out the truth because I'm tired of the rumors and lies. The only person I blame for any of this was Pete for sharing something that was not intended for other people to see. Before this incident, I actually DID like you, despite what you might like to think.

7. I get plenty of attention at home, sweetie. Plenty. (Sometimes too much, I don't like that.) I might be called "unclassy" (by YOUR friends), but I spoke the truth, and even if you don't like it, it's out there. Just remember, YOU started it by posting your blog and making unfounded comments first. YOU pulled me into the middle of it, when I had NOTHING to do with it at all. And MY true friends know me and what I stand for. I'm friendly and kind to everyone as well, until someone deserves the very rare unfriendly side of me. The first time in 12 YEARS of being in the online haunt community I EVER had a problem with another haunter was last year with Wally and Ginny, so I don't see where the heck you come off labeling me like that at all. I put up with a lot of crap in my life, held my tongue so many times - I thought I'd bite it off... So don't even think about trashing me in that way.

And to think, last night at work while I was alone and going over this whole mess in my head, I was considering removing everything about this off the blog and just posting the relevant facts, leaving out all my feelings on the subject.

Deanna Griffith


She responded:
"Didn't read it, don't care."
I'm not quite sure how that qualifies as "hate mail", but whatever.  You come off like some kind of saint that never does anything wrong, yet you totally went off on me on that blog, even calling attention to it with your "UPDATE #2" crap.  I'm sick of you.  I'm sick of your false sweetness.  You showed your true colors.  I never bashed you.  I posted facts, what was actually said, and my opinion.  I could post up some scathing comments about you, but I sure as hell am not going to LIE like you did.  Trust me, I can send some hate mail if you'd like, but you're really not worth it.
I've sat on this for several days now, not wanting to persue it further.. but now you have really gone and done it.  Your removal of the banning incident from GoE and non-clarification of WHO tried to get you banned from HauntSpace last year has left room for more speculation as to which party is responsible for that and I had NOTHING to do with it and was even going up against the same two who WERE behind it.  I don't appreciate that kind of stupidity, especially from someone who is supposed to be the ultra-nice person that people think you are.  I had NOTHING to do with your banning from GoE either, and I don't appreciate you going around telling people that I did.  You're nothing more than a LIAR.

All you had to do FROM THE START, is READ.  Instead of listening to trouble-makers and taking their word for it because they're your "friends", you should have READ what was actually said before going around telling people that I had something to do with your removal from GoE.  I READ the information BEFORE I posted anything publicly about you or anything else. 

Pete - you should have NEVER shared what I told you IN CONFIDENCE.  That little mistake has caused this matter to escalate into more negativity and bad feelings than anything else done so far.  Some "friend" you are.  I will NEVER forgive you.  I'm sorry that I trusted you enough in the first place to speak honestly.

SoulEcho/EvilGenius - I didn't do anything to YOU, and you can boycott and badmouth all you want.  It's people who jump in and stir the pot like you're doing that caused this problem in the first place. You're doing exactly what Madison is accusing me of.  I don't recall ever saying anything to you, about you, or bringing the Florida Haunters into this matter.  I treat the Florida Haunters just fine and aside from one person who spams all the Halloween forums, I've never had an issue with anyone there.  Of course, you're entitled to your opinion, just as I am mine.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest - to the members of HauntSpace:  I'm sorry that those of y'all who know about this garbage had to hear/read about more drama.  I still believe HauntSpace is a great resource for haunters and Halloween fanatics.  I just wasn't into it anymore.  Like me or not, at least I'm honest. 

The only reason I bothered with any of this is because I don't like being LIED about.  Nobody likes that. 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tired of HauntSpace, Part 2

To understand this part, you should read the blog directly before this one posted August 28. Warning, this is VERY long.

I received an email from Steve at Garage of Evil (GoE) stating that he was thinking of banning Madison from the network because of a photo stream that she had on her page. I told him I was deleting my account at HauntSpace. He banned Madison, I deleted my account. Both happened on the same morning, but the decisions were not related. He and I hadn't talked since last week or the week before, so I had no idea what had been going on with the network. I sent an email saying I deleted my HS account; he sent an email saying he banned her. After I did it, I was kind of relieved, because I had an idea that if he actually DID ban her (which I didn't know at the time that he WAS doing), I'd probably get questions about it, and I didn't want to deal with it since it's not my network and not my decision to make.

Anyway, I didn't want the drama. I posted the update on my FB account, to state that there was no other reason than I don't want to be there anymore. No drama, no fighting, nothing like that... just one of those things that I choose not to be a part of anymore.

So then, Steve sends me an email and has given me his permission to share it with everyone so he can set the record straight on his end as well:

First, what Madison sent him:

Spooky Madison wrote:
Pete said there were rumors about you deleting me off GOE. Is it true? I'm not sure what's going on. Please, let me know what's happened? He said he heard it was because I wasn't a "haunter". What does that mean? I write & I told you that when I signed on... you said that was fine and now, because I don't hold a drill in my hand means I'm not a haunter? I don't understand that, Steve? A haunter can be a person that lives spooky things 24/7 and I do - I write ghost stories, short stories, I decorate for Halloween and I'm a party thrower for the holiday. Not everyone builds and you was ok with that before.
When Pete wrote me that thank you on his bulletin, it was because we'd all been through A LOT with Grimdaddy & PAHalloweenFreak. They bashed me all the time and for no reason and I didn't know them at all! I have no idea why they had decided that hated me and I have no idea why you banned me off GOE. What did I do? I told you awhile back that I would delete my account if you felt I wasn't GOE material and you said that I was fine...and now this. There must be something more that I'm not aware of. It's your site and I respect your opinion. I'm not mad at you or anyone else. I heard that Ghostess was upset with me and I don't know why. I don't know her, nor does she know me.
Take care, Steve.

And his reply to her:

Being a "haunter" had nothing to do with it. My site isn't for haunters, it's for haunters whose focus is building stuff. "Haunters" come in all stripes and love different aspects of the community at large. The GoE site caters to a niche, it's that simple.

Banning you wasn't an indictment of you being (or not being) a haunter, it was because you put up a photo frame titled "spooky madison's photos" and it showed nothing but a feed of pics drawn from the front page of the site. That was what originally pissed me off, and then after some thought I made up my mind that the only reason you're on the site at all is for self promotion of you, and your site. You don't actually build anything or contribute in any way thats meaningful to the mission of the site.

Let there be no doubt that I consider you a haunt enthusiast, I truly do. Your writing is also excellent as I have said all along and will continue to say.

I configured the GoE site intentionally to be open to the public, there is nothing on there you can't check out as a non-member. You're a member of virtually every haunt site on the web, so there is no chance of you losing touch with anyone due to not being a member of GoE.

And for the record, how would Pete know anything about my decision to ban you? I haven't had a single communication with him since we got in a tiff last year, and this decision was entirely mine. Actually, don't bother answering that. I honestly could not care less.

Regardless of the tone of this email, I truly do wish you the best. Keep writing, and keep up the movie review/discussion type stuff. A lot of haunters love it, and I think you do a great service contributing to that niche.



Again, he was cordial, direct and even complimentary - no bashing going on. I was surprised to find, however, that my name is thrown into this and that I am "upset" with her. I don't recall ever mentioning her to anyone other than Steve and one other person who is not involved in this at all that day, and by now, he's not very happy with her either because next thing I know, I'm hearing that Madison has posted a blog on HS about the incident, which is fine. That's her prerogative. Just as it's mine to post this blog. She mentioned getting banned from GoE, and that pissed Steve off because she basically LIED about why she was removed. It had nothing to do with being a haunter or not and everything to do with posting a slide show of other people's photos without their permission or some kind of explanation as to whose photos they were.

The next morning, I wake up to this little note from Pete in my inbox:

Subject: Nice Job Kiddo!
ScreamHaunt@aol.com wrote:

You're something else you know that.

You come on HauntSpace in the past, act like a complete baby because I deleted a blog, call me out on the site, delete most of your page content and even when we worked things out, you kept all that nonsense on the net (your blogs)

I allow you to talk down to me like I'm a dog, let you get stuff off your chest and even asked you to mod our site. Man I guess when it rains it pours.

You then delete your profile, and start bashing me and HauntSpace on Facebook?

What's wrong with you? When you came back, no one did anything to you. Madison didn't deserved to be booted off GOE either. He's a punk ass jackoff and you can tell him I said it. That's like kicking a puppy. Both of you are big mouth Haunters that think that your skill outweighs everything else in your life. I've been easy on your Deanna, but now, I lost ALL respect for
you. You tell that stupid punk that I'd gladly let him throw some punches at me. Even if he kicked my ass, I'd get at least ONE lick in.

Both of you are pathetic, you stand for nothing, cause problems and you especially have a mouth so big, you need someone to stick a tractor trailer in it.

I will never, ever talk to you again, neither one of you. I support NOTHING either one of you do and you can trust me, I can be 60 years old, you're another Wally and Ginny, no heart, lots of big mouth bullshit and a disgrace.

Thanks a lot D, salutes to you, you go girl!


Okay, whatever dude. Then at the urging of another friend, I read his latest ridiculous rant that he's so famous for and just LOVE how Steve and I are the worst of the worst again. While I'm there, I stopped by Madison's blog again, to find this little gem posted by her in reply to another comment:

"I agree & they can have at it...it was all handled poorly. I feel someone else was doing the string-pulling there in regards to myself & a few others that got deleted from their site, but that's unimportant now. Some people have to be top dog & I guess when it's not happening, they walk and have to post on other forums to try to get others to follow them in order to feel validated. When one feels she has some "magical control" over others. What that is, my friend, is manipulation & it doesn't fly on this site & thank God for that! "

I'm going to assume that Madison is referring to me. If so, I have "magical control"? I did not know that. I never had ANYONE deleted from the site. If I had wanted it done, I'd have gone on into the mod controls and done it myself. I have never wanted to be "top dog" or to have a following. I don't need validation. That little paragraph set me off on the road to angryville, even if it was not about me. I've hardly been posting much of anything anywhere regarding forums for quite some time, so you can kick that notion. Oh, and didn't a whole LOT of manipulation go on for a while there at HS while Pete's 2 best buds were pulling his strings? Yeah... I seem to remember something about that. I think Madison does too.

So I reply back to Pete:

Subject: Re: Nice Job Kiddo!
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 09:14:01 -0400
From: Deanna
To: ScreamHaunt@aol.com

Likewise, Pete, likewise.

First of all, I thought we were past all that happened last year and that you and I were cool. I have stood by my personal decision to not censor or delete anything on MY blog because it just violates the whole "speak your mind" feel of the blog. I don't believe in airing it out, only to make it all disappear. It's just the way I roll, like it or don't, that isn't my problem. If you don't like what other people post on the comments, don't read it - or take it up with those persons, but leave me out of it.

I did not "talk down" to you like you're "a dog" either, I simply stated how I felt and made some suggestions to help you stop looking like a "flake" (not my word, but one I see often associated with you).

I deleted my profile because I just don't care to be on HauntSpace any more. There will be other profile deletions on other places as well, this one was just one I knew would be noticed and gossiped about. Over the course of the past year, I've dropped off several forums, almost all of the Yahoo groups and have not been much of an active participant really anywhere other than my own forum, plus taking care of my mod duties in the other couple of places that I committed to. Those too will be shed once Halloween is over, as I don't want to leave during the heavy traffic season and put forum admins in a bind.

I just do not have the time any longer to follow every group or forum out there. It has nothing to do with other people, the drama that is unfolding, or anything else. I have changed quite a bit in the past year, due to my work environment, my family life, and my so-called friends. Quite frankly, the people I care to connect with from HauntSpace are all on other forums/groups as well, or on Facebook, so I don't need HauntSpace for that. I'm prioritizing, and HauntSpace has not been a high priority since I've been back. Sorry, but it's true.

I also did not bash YOU on Facebook. I never said ANYTHING about YOU there at all. This is what I said, just to refresh your (or your source's) memory (non-essential replies not included as they have no bearing on the issue):


"Yes, I deleted my Hauntspace account. No, there's no drama associated with it this time. Just not "feelin' it" anymore, and it's a waste of time checking in to see glittery comments and useless nonsense that doesn't have a whole lot to do with actual haunting. (No offense to those who like that stuff, I just don't have time for it these days.)"

"It's not haunting that I'm disassociating myself with, it's just Hauntspace. That place just ain't my cup o' tea anymore."

"Ya know, it's YOUR page, you can do what you want to it- anyone who'd get nasty about it doesn't deserve to be on your list at all. If the dang "disable html comments" function actually WORKED, it wouldn't be so bad. I would really just rather get an actual TYPED message, with some thought or personal words in it. Apparently nobody can think for themselves anymore. There were a few people who'd post small notes to wish a nice weekend without the glitter, which is nice."

"Eh, the glittery stuff can stay on Myspace IMO, it annoyed me that nobody bothers to read profiles and the fact that I even had glitter comments as one of my turn-offs/dislikes. Someone who cared about me or chatted with me at all (or read my profile) would know I detest those things. Of course, I've found that most people really are not that observant. To each his/her own!"

"I would like to point out, for the record, that this is a decision that I have been mulling over for a while now. I went back to HS with doubts about why I was even bothering. I won't go into all of my reasons, but I can tell you that the glitter comments are low on that totem pole, and are only something trivial to comment on. The rest of the story ... well... those who know me well know the reasons. Everyone else can speculate, gossip, what have you. I just don't care anymore. :)"

"Eh, it's just one of those things that runs its course.

Twana - it's no big deal.. lol I tried to bring some levity to my reasoning, now I'm considered a glitter hater. It's all good.

I don't spend hardly any time anywhere anymore other than my own forum and here on FB, with the bursts of HauntForum and GoE here and there, and I still read ALL the emails from the Hall-L, because that's something I'll never give up since it's where the insanity all began. I just don't have time for it all anymore. ... Read More

It's really annoying the drama that's unfolding constantly with people, especially those who claim to hate it, but seem to swim in it. Blog to follow in the next day or two. I'm a changed person these days."

Never once did I "bash" you. I made known my opinions on a couple of issues with HauntSpace. You yourself have also posted on the drama issues and what-not, so do NOT come at me like I'm some sort of bad person.

The fact that Madison was deleted from GoE has nothing to with me, and you can tell her that I really don't care what she chooses to believe or who she blames. I do not "pull strings" there. Steve, as you know, makes his own choices, and I didn't even know anything about his intentions for removing her until yesterday morning, about 2 minutes before he did it, when he emailed his moderators to keep us in the loop. I haven't really even been in contact with most of them much since I've been working nights and sleeping during the day.

She and I had an understanding about the html comments, she respected my wishes and stopped posting them on my page, and sent actual typed messages - which I appreciated and liked. What y'all need to understand is that the glitter comment issue is not directed at her, but at the site in general. If she took it personally, then she should probably get therapy.

And you can also tell her that I am not an attention whore. For that, she can look in the mirror. :) As a matter of fact, this past year, I have not been doing much of anything regarding the haunting scene other than the one interview and going to IronStock. I've never been the most "social" person, and I'm not extroverted enough to want to be in the spot light. I've always said anyone can do what I do, if they only try. How is that being a "big mouth Haunter that think that your skill outweighs everything else in your life"? I have never said anything publicly about Madison, and I think aside from what I told YOU, and three close friends, I have never said anything mean to or about her. I've always said she is a sweet girl, with a good heart and good intentions. I just don't care much for some of the things she does. That in itself is NOT enough for me to try to get her banned, regardless of what you or she, or anyone else for that matter, thinks.

Honestly Pete, you gave me quite the chuckle with this email. You don't really know anything about me, or what's been going on in my life, yet you accuse me of being pathetic and not standing for anything. I haven't had my nose stuck up ANYONE's ass, so that labels me as a "disgrace"? Whatever dude.

Talk to me or not, I don't care anymore. I'm tired of being nice all the time, those days are long gone.

Have a super weekend.

Deanna Griffith

So, now I'm seeing that FOUR people told Madison that I had something to do with her banning, two of whom are on the GoE network. Apparently, they claim I posted it on my FaceBook page. Really? Where? You can ask ANYONE who bothers to read my updates and stuff. There will be NO mention of Madison's or Pete's names at all, because I did not post anything at all about her or him. Why would I? Her banning from GoE and my leaving HS had nothing to do with one another, until she made it so. So, now people are spreading rumors that are not true again, just like last time. Poor Madison is caught up in it, and I am PISSED off with pretty much everyone at this point. So I shoot off this really snotty email to her ON FACEBOOK, where at ANY TIME she could have read ANYTHING on my page if she had so thought to:


The next time you hear gossip and/or rumors, you should probably try looking at the source and the FACTS before you go posting lies and half-truths publicly. I've been nothing but nice to you, yet you didn't even bother to ask me before making assumptions about me or anything that was said. I never once mentioned you or Pete or anyone else specifically in my status update, nor in my comment replies thereafter. I had NOTHING to do with your deletion from GoE, nor did that have anything to do with my choice to leave HauntSpace. Quite frankly, I think it's pretty darned self-centered of you to assume that YOU have anything to do with my decisions or that I care enough about you to have you kicked off any site. I've always said that you are a sweet and caring girl, but I feel that some of the things you do are not exactly selfless. You might have everyone else snowed with your sugary sweetness, but you do not fool me.

And by the way, you can tell Pete that I have lost all respect for him too. Proper admins don't discuss private matters with their butt-kissing friends when asked to keep discussions PRIVATE when everyone concerned is on the same site.

You should have learned by now that you cannot trust the word of so-called "friends" on HauntSpace, some just thrive on lies and drama. Now you're caught up in it again, and I don't appreciate being pulled in with you and being attacked when I didn't do anything to you.

Have a lovely weekend.


Later on, I got this from her:

Madison sent you a message.

Re: The HauntSpace/GoE Drama

I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to "tell Pete"...he didn't sahre that & I didn't ask. I didn't even read all of this because I know that things were said that I have no idea what was true & what wasn't.... All this BS started Wednesday morning when I found a couple of emails talking about how you were bashing HS on FB & I was like...umm, she is ON HS, so why? Then, they said that you'd deleted your account and that I wasn't a member on GOE either. I told them that it was only a couple of nights before hand that I had signed on over there and so, I go to search my name and I wasn't there, so I was in total confusion as to what happened.

That's when I heard that you'd said things about me and I assumed it was things that were said in the open forum of FB as was the HS bashing & Pete bashing, ect...and since then, I've delved deeper and realized that it was things that were not said in the open forum and I admitted I was wrong about it and posted so on the blog.

I do admit that I shouldn't have even mentioned GOE in the blog and I did take the site name out because in all honesty, I was hurt that I was deleted without being told. I am never on GOE, so I don't mind that I'm not a member there. It's Steve's site and whomever he wants on the site is his choice. I just felt that it could have been handled better, but that is a past issue and it's over and done with and I had written an email and said I wasn't mad about it anymore and I'm not. That's why I had removed the site name off the blog. The blog wasn't as much about being deleted as it was about discussing WHY a person is a haunter or isn't one.

I was tired of hearing about it and I wanted to set the record straight about what makes someone a haunter and what doesn't. It's a stupid label and so many are so anal about it, it's laughable. You got brought up to Steve in the email NOT THE BLOG because I told him that I'd received 4 messages saying that you'd told someone that you were upset that Pete had written me a thank you bulletin on HS because you felt "it was an insult to haunters and that I wasn't a real haunter...a nice girl, not a haunter" and I thought that had been posted on FB and I couldn't figure out why you would drag me into it when I had NO idea what was going on. I wasn't sure what was said, but I knew something had been because 4 people quoted the exact same thing. That's the reason for the "true haunter" blog I posted.

About that bulletin, I will just say that if that was true that you'd said it, Pete and I are good friends. I would imagine as good of friends as you and Steve are & we tell one another everything. I didn't want to know about the drama on HS cuz once Grimdaddy & PAHalloweenFreak left, quite frankly, that was all the drama anyone one person should be allowed to endure in a lifetime. For some reason, Ginny made it her mission to try her very best to have me and several others banned from the site and many left, but I didn't. I realized what the troubled twosome was doing & I decided that if I was leaving HS, I was going to have to be kicked from it...it was in spite, I know, but after Grim wrote me a very whiny letter, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me pack up & leave like others did.

Pete was thanking me for that...cuz finally, it dawned on him that it was them and not the others that was causing the problems and after that, Pete and I developed a very close friendship and I trust him and vice versa. It's been a hard road on HS the last year, but we've endured and I'd like to think I had a little small part in it. It was hard, but it has been worth it. Assuming you read my blog, I won't go into what I feel deems a person a haunter, no reason to rehash and as I said before, I'm not mad, just hurt because I didn't feel that a ban was necessary, especially since it was only a few months ago that I'd written Steve a message and said I didn't feel like I belonged there and he said he liked my writing and wanted me to stay. I stayed out of respect for Steve. I was never there to write, I feel bad that I wasn't, but I'm a writer and I just didn't fit into discussions of monster mud and drillbits. It's cool that others are, but I could write about it, but I would have no idea what I was talking about. lol

He did share with me the email you sent him today (or yesterday) and that you'd called me an attention whore. Honestly, no reason for name calling. I don't get any more or any less attention than you do. I posted a blog on HS about it and you posted on FB about it, so what is the difference really? Does it make yours any less or more than mine? We both vented in an open forum, so I guess that would make us both attention whores.

Deanna, I'm not mad at you or Steve. I just felt things could have and should have been handled differently for all of our sakes. I've apologized to Steve and I'll apologize to you, no idea why this went like it did, but maybe we all can get a lesson from it eventually. I at no time said your name in open forum and you say you didn't mine, so no reason why we can't just move on from here. Oh, about the HTML comments, I wasn't upset at all that you didn't like those on your HS. Many don't and when they mention it, just as I did you, they never get one from me again. =)

Since this is already a book, I will add here that I had no intention, when I selected random slideshow on GOE to even remotely pretend any of those props were mine. My slideshow was not showing 6 pumpkins (it would show an ugly no image box), so I removed the box and had a huge hole in my profile, so I selected random slideshow until I could replace the photos and that was all. I'm 27, I would have had to began building props at 2 years old to have been able to have created ALL those props in the slideshow! lol I was shocked and still am that it could have even been suggested that I meant to take credit for those photos. Just as I said, why would I attempt to take credit for props on the very site they were created for!?! I believe that would have been fairly obvious. lol

Oh well, sorry I rambled on. Today is my fiance's birthday and I've been getting things together for his surprise party for this evening, so I was chatty. Take care and seriously, I didn't read this, so no hard feelings. I haven't visited your FB either because there was no reason to read it and get upset over it. I'm just going to let it drop and move on.


Honey, you wouldn't have gotten upset over it, because YOU aren't ON it. I sent this in response:

Deanna Hurlbert Griffith August 28 at 5:31am

That's pretty funny, because those words about what I thought about you are almost WORD for WORD what I said to Pete in a private discussion, and that I ONLY said to Pete and no one else AND that I asked him specifically to keep private. When someone goes to an admin and confides in them, they TRUST that the admin will keep the info to themselves. I have a TON of stuff in my head that people tell me, and do you know where it stays? In my head. I don't discuss conversations that someone asks me not to share with anyone, including my best friends. Pete has done it before, and will continue to do it. Nice guy, good heart - doesn't think straight most of the time.

I stand by every word I said.

Have fun with your fiance'.


So she pasts later about the fact that she was wrong about something in later comments on her HS blog:

I will go on record as to say that I was wrong about thinking something was said about me on an open Facebook forum. It wasn't in open forum, but in messages, so I need to clear up that point. I don't believe I had posted that thought here, but I just wanted to correct that to a person I had told that to cuz I thought it to be the case. When I'm wrong about something, I will admit it.

Well, ya know what? You didn't correct the real problem, and people still think I had you booted thanks to the fact that you didn't bother to do a little reading before posting. It's okay, I'm taking care of that now. This is why I was never really social with people, stupid crap with the he said-she said. High school all over again.

Anyway, Pete sent me this email in reply to my earlier one explaining what had happened:

Subject: Re: Nice Job Kiddo!
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 08:36:22 -0400
ScreamHaunt@aol.com wrote:

> I thoroughly read your response.
> I do care about what you have to say whether I agree with it or not.
> You didn't waste your time on the keyboard.
> I wish you the best of luck Dee.
> Pete

Whoa buddy! Too late! I'm already madder'n a wet bobcat in a briar bush! My name has been smeared, without my actually doing anything to cause it, I've been attacked and accused of something I have nothing to do with, AND my trust in someone whom I considered a friend and fellow admin has been totally ripped to pieces. I ain't done wasting my time on the keyboard yet.

From: Deanna
To: ScreamHaunt@aol.com

Well, good. I hope Madison shared what I said with her too since y'all
seem to share a lot. In case she didn't, I'll just share for her. I do
NOT appreciate you telling her what I told YOU about her in CONFIDENCE.
She repeated to me almost WORD FOR WORD what I specifically asked you NOT
to share with anyone . You need a memory refresher, you can check my blog
in the next few days because I will be setting the record straight. Am I
pissed? You betcha. Your word and your friendship means NOTHING to me now
as you don't understand what it is to be a true friend and a good
administrator. I hope you can breathe okay with your foot in your mouth.

Have a super life.

Deanna Griffith

I wasn't as angry this morning as I was yesterday when I sent that............. until I got the next email from Pete in my inbox:

ScreamHaunt@aol.com wrote:
I did yes. I showed a few people what you said. I think you're nothing more than a big mouth. I deal with people like you every day. I could sit here and pick your entire life apart, bit by bit and profile you to a T.

I don't have time.

You do your thing and I'll promise you, it will be considered an act of war and after you and I are done, you're reconsider yourself. I'll go out of my way this time like never before and you have my absolute word on that.
Once your pretty looks run out, see who follows you, you are the BIGGEST drama queen I've ever met. All Haunting skills aside.
You like to win, you like everyone to kiss your feet Dee, it ain't happening here and I'll take our little tiff as far and broad as you choose.


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I hope none of y'all out there have confided in the man, he can't handle himself well when it comes to the privacy of his members. Oh, and Pete, before you go and "pick" my life apart, you should probably stick to the facts involved in THIS issue before you go into my personal life. Yours is something I consider off-limits, and even a "drama queen" and "big mouth" like me would not touch.

Here's my reply back:

You go right ahead. Winning has nothing to do with it. I've already said I had nothing to do with Madison's membership on GoE, and that was the issue I was attacked BY YOU on without your knowing ANY of the facts. I didn't do ANYTHING to you except leave HS. The only thing I will be posting is what happened, what has been said, and what I think of it all. People can draw from it whatever they want. You have every right to bring your big bad police officer self on in to the blog and defend yourself, as it's your right. You don't scare me. Just remember, once it's out, it cannot be taken back. There's a huge difference between you and me, Pete, I don't give a crap what anyone thinks of me at this point. I'm done being nice, and if my reputation suffers, so be it. Anyone who matters already knows how I am, what kind of person I am.

Oh yeah, and any communications we have, including what I said IN PRIVATE TO YOU and asked you to KEEP PRIVATE, WILL be published, so pick your words carefully. I'm sure you know how very public that private conversations can be since you're renowned as a blabber-mouth who can't keep a secret. I know that I am not the only one who you've betrayed in that way and deep down I think I knew you would. I deal with people like YOU every day as well. People told me not to trust you. Shame on me for thinking there might be a shred of "right" in you.

The only thing I will NOT do is bring other people who are not involved in this without their permission, because they don't deserve it. Whether they want to participate is up to them.


So now, this is where I stand. I am going to post what I confided in him back when I came back to HauntSpace - yeah, I saved it. I usually do save important messages, just never know when you're going to need to reference them. I don't remember how we even got on the subject of it all, I think it was his warning me about some other member. I prefer to have everyone know exactly what I said, that way there is no speculation or doubt as to what was discussed. Anyway, here is my message (these were PMs on HS between him and me):

"I'm gonna go ahead and be honest with you on this now since I've been thinking about it quite often since rejoining here. Don't take any of this as my being mean or disrespectful, but as a friend who watches quietly and just shakes her head and sighs. I would appreciate it if this conversation was kept private between me and you and no one else.

You have a tendency to attract them because you let them in. Once you get personal with people, they start to take advantage of that. This may not apply to the pumpkinhead dude, but as a general statement, it applies to most of your problems with some of the members of our community as a whole. I've been very stand-offish with most of the haunters in a private way, and the ones that I do let in - I've known for a long time already and have developed friendships with. I don't jump right in to friendships with people who have just come on the scene, and I don't trust very many people. The ones I do trust, I know I can trust forever. I might not always agree with them, but I know they have my back and I have theirs. I'm pretty much an open book with everyone, but there are personal things I just don't let many in on. Those that I do, I know I don't have to worry about.

There are so many whackos in our world these days, and a lot of them seem to be haunters. I'm not trying to dis anyone, but if you look at it, our microcosm of peers is pretty nuts. Some are nuts in a good way, some are just crazy in a not-so-good way. There will always be troublemakers in every group. You just have to know when to weed them out. If someone is causing problems, or seems to be likely to cause problems, either show them the door or give them a friendly warning privately.

Part of your problem is that you suddenly get overly emotional and start posting your feelings on the forum - you can't do that and not attract unfavorable attention. You want to have a successful venture with HauntSpace? Leave your feelings off the public forum. This applies to both ends of the emotional spectrum - good and bad. Take your proclamation of admiration for Madison... not a good thing to be throwing out there. I know you said you didn't want to hurt feelings or single out people, but that is exactly what you did in posting that. Madison is a sweetheart, she is a really sincerely nice person and is probably a good friend to many - HOWEVER, she's also not a haunter. For you to single her out like that was kind of a slap in the face to the ones who ARE haunters. After all, this is HAUNTSpace, not HorrorMovie/IseeDeadPeopleSpace. I could care less who you like/dislike, but public displays of gratitude to people who don't really fit the goal of the site is just kinda weird.

Same thing goes with your posts about Ginny and Wally's comments on Myspace. Who cares? Myspace has nothing to do with HauntSpace and vice-versa. Who cares what they are saying over there? Anyone with half a brain knows that they are bitter, pathetic people. Your lashing out at them on the forum was really in bad taste. I didn't bash HauntSpace on my forum or any other when you showed me the door. I blogged in my personal blog about how I felt about it. That's what blogs are for. Everything was done out in the open, with nothing held back and nothing deleted. I posted every single problem and all of it stands even now, even if some people didn't have the balls to show their name and even if I didn't agree with it all. It's all still there, for scrutiny now. You can't post and delete constantly - it makes you look like kind of like a manic or a drunk who sobers up or comes around to his senses the next morning and only causes rumors to fly, and trust me buddy, they ARE flying. There really is a time and place for things, and the forum here is not a place for that kind of stuff, especially from the site owner.

Again, I don't mean to offend you or hurt your feelings, and I definitely don't want to argue with you. I just want to try to help you be a better site owner/admin and keep the respect you deserve. You can't hold on to the respect when you keep changing your mind by the hour. Once you do something or post something, STAND by it. Think twice before posting publicly. Always ALWAYS watch your back... AND your front. I, for one, will stab you in the front. ;-)


And this is the rest of that particular conversation, back and forth (Pete's the yellow type):



I'm ok with that. I appreciate your insight.



I hope you're not angry or upset with anything I wrote. I just want to help, and being honest is the only way I know how to do so. I do consider you a friend - we've known each other a long time, even if only online - which is why I felt I could be frank with you.


Nah, I need smacked around sometimes to keep my head on straight.

On here, I usually speak my peace and get rid of it later because I feel that continuous rants make the site look bad.

I'm the same way, when I have stuff to say I say it. Sometimes I'm sorry I let people have it afterwards LOL.

In my case, I have to learn that the perception is important. I always expect people to know what I'm talking about or understand where I'm coming from. Honestly, this site has been such a pain. I've lost friends over it, sweat over it and cried my eyes out over it at times. It's ridiculous haha.

But.............I've learned that everything works out in the end when the intentions are good.

You........will always mean something to me. We've been around for quite some time and love the season. I just wish I had my house still and a shop so I could learn, build and do some REAL Haunting.

I can't wait to see what the farm thing does. I SO want to do a Haunted Attraction. OMG, I can taste it.

Anyhoo, have to hit bed, seeya soon.


Thanks Pete. I always worry that the things I say could be hurtful, which is why I tend to keep things to myself.

Oh, I do have to be honest with you about something you said.

Back when I did my Madison post umm, I did mean it, she's a good girl and an extremely active member.

But while talking to her on the phone the night prior, the Wally and Ginny thing was a topic of discussion because the two of them have been talking a bunch of smack on me on other sites etc and it became clear that they are lurking around here quite often. I also think we have some leaks on here I just haven't been able to figure out who yet.

I don't know if I ever told you but Madison is and was HATED by Wally and Ginny. They HATED HER. When Wally and Ginny came to my party, Madison was mentioned over and over again, they wanted rid of her so bad on here. I told her that Wally and Ginny would have a COW.............if I posted that in public being that they felt that she was here to take the site over LOL. Someone sent me a myspace quote having to do with them saying that their worst nightmare came true or something like that.

No one will ever do a number on me like that again let me tell you.

I was sent another quote from MySpace the very next day, the two of them WENT OFF LOL. I really didn't think that anyone would feel slighted by it at the time, but now that I look back I can see where it probably smacked some people in the face. Not intentional.

On a good note, things are good here now, the activity is amazing. Hopefully this will be the last year I have to live in this townhouse and I'll be able to get a place with a garage or basement so I can build some stuff. I have all these ideas and no shop. GRRR.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share that stuff with you. Are you doing any special projects this year?


You don't have to justify yourself to me. It's your site, you can do what you want on it. But, it kind of makes your love-post about Mad get under all the actual HAUNTERS' skin. You had your reasons, but when nobody else knows the reason behind the post, it ruffles feathers and hurts feelings, not mention causes the rumors to fly. I could care less who you post about. Just don't ever post about me, good or bad, and everything will be A-OK in my book. ;-) But, back to the topic at hand, you stooped to the level of Wally and Ginny when you did that, playing games is not the way to get back at people.

I think Madison is a really nice girl. She's flaky as hell, and needs to get a life, but really nice. I despise Wally and Ginny, and honestly I believe that a huge part of their problem with Madison is that she is an attention-seeker and they didn't like that SHE got attention, which took away from THEIR attention seeking. Let's face it, the girl is a knock out. People like her, especially the guys. She's sickeningly sweet and seems to care about people and their feelings. It might not look like it, but I like her.

Wally and Ginny are unattractive on the outside AND the inside. That makes them jealous, thus more bitter toward people like Madison. Add to the fact that Madison really doesn't post anything Haunt-related, well... I dunno... At least she posts Halloween-ish stuff. She contributes a lot of other stuff... a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear, a kind word. That is admirable to me and one of the reasons I DO like her.

Do I sound jealous? I'll admit, it sounds that way; but in all actuality, I'm not. I'm a haunter and a prop-builder, I'm proud of it. I don't need a lot of attention - I actually find it a bit annoying, but that's just me. I don't need to constantly post every single minute of the day to feel like I'm part of the in-crowd. I do try to add something here and there so I don't get accused of being a non-contributing member again. I want to be able to help people when I can and I try to do so in a quiet and unassuming way. I don't want glory, I want the respect of my peers.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough, I'm sure you're tired of my negativity. I just want to make myself perfectly clear on how I feel, whether it matters or not. Take it all with a grain of salt.


That's all I saved from any of my HauntSpace PMs with Pete. Now it's all out in the open, I've got nothing left. I stand by every single word I said to Pete. I still think Madison is a great girl, despite how angry I was at her for listening to other people and not bothering to ask me if I had anything to do with it. She was on my friends list on FB, it's not like she couldn't just log in and see for herself. She asked on her blog on HS, "What is a Haunter?" I do not believe she is a Haunter. She's a good writer from what I hear, she's a fantastic friend to those who can call her one, she's a terrific HS contributor and a fellow Halloween fanatic. A "weener" or "weenie", as we've all affectionately been called - yes. Haunt enthusiast - yes. Halloween Party thrower - yes. Just not what I consider an actual haunter. I agree that there are all sorts of people who are haunters that do not build props. In my opinion, haunters are people who have something to do with an actual haunt of some sort. When I say haunt, I mean a display, a walk through, some sort of attraction that brings people in, whether it's in a garage, your front yard, or a full-on commercial walk-through with all the bells and whistles. You can be a prop builder, a haunt actor, make up artist, or set designer. It doesn't matter if you make all of your own props, or you buy every single last one of them from Wal Mart. Loving Halloween does not automatically make you a haunter. Throwing a Halloween party does not make you a haunter. If that were the case, there would be a LOT more haunters in the world. Simply buying a costume once a year does not make you a haunter. Decorating a bit for the day does not make you a haunter. If that were so, then every person who put out a Mickey Mouse inflatable or Jack-o-Lantern would be considered a haunter. They're not. I think we all know that. I'm not trying to devalue how people see themselves or how they categorized themselves. I'm only showing what I think a haunter is and is not. I think it's safe to say that my word is not the gospel, nor is anyone else's. But if you ask around to the people who spend countless hours working on their haunts what a haunter is, their answers would be pretty similar to mine. Skill level has nothing to do with it. Money has nothing to do with it. Who has the biggest prop has nothing to do with it.

If you're reading this, and you think I'm wrong, that's fine. We just have different ideas on what makes a haunter, well.. a haunter.

As for Pete, I will not address him unless it is here, out in the open for all to see. Any other forms of communication will be ignored. Any other topics than the ones in this blog and the one directly before it will be ignored. That is one bridge that I care not to mend.

Now, let the Ghostess-bashing begin.

***This is the reply from Pete the following day after the blog was published:

"Umm, I don't remember bringing the Cop thing into the picture. You're grasping at straws.

I have no idea about the "trust" thing, that's the first time ANYONE has accused me of breaking their trust. I simply did what you ALWAYS do. You're a copy and paste freak. You've put EVERY single PRIVATE message you and I ever had on your blog, you want to talk about betraying someone.

I didn't threaten you in the least, I simply told you the way it was. If you badmouth me anymore on your blogs, I'm going to get a dot com just for you and tell "my" side of the story. I'll keep it going until I'm dead, at least it will give you something to do so you're not bored, rebutting everything I say on a daily basis.

I bring things out in open and clean up afterwards because I don't need the security of seeing my dramatic bullshit all over the net. I've never heard you admit to any fault, I've never heard you say you're sorry.

You can make little comments about me all you want, in how people thing I'm "flaky". YOU, have been recently referred to as a person lacking "class" and I consider that an insult. I'd rather be flaky.

I don't have to pick my words wisely, I might care about how I'm perceived but I have enough people in my life (not referring to the net) that follow me, respect me and would go to bat about the things I've done in my life ANYTIME. I earned my friends.............

You do your thing Dee, and I've already told you that your actions will have consequences. I don't wish ill things on you and if I saw you, I'd simply snicker and walk the other way but I'll match your words on the internet.

When someone Googles things about your endeavors the only reason they show up is because you put them there. I mean geeze, take a look at yourself, your entire life is on the internet.

You're not a nice person, you may have some of your male friends fooled, but not me.

And do you have ADD or something. I clearly told you why I'm pissed. You were talking shit on facebook, label it any way you wish. You brought it up, people chimed in. You entertained immature conversation about "shutting the site down".

You asked me not to talk about you, I didn't. I simply took your message, and showed it to a couple people for their perspective. You put every square inch of our conversations in the past on your site. Do you deny this?

You caused me harm when you did that. You're like a typical attorney that argues until you're blue in the face, it doesn't matter what your arguing about as long you think you're right.

HEH, at least when I disagreed about Steve's decision to boot Madison, I told you guys to your faces behind the scenes and admitted that it was none of my business but got a little upset because YES I consider her a friend and I was pissed that she probably felt rejected. You don't know people like you think you do and you've never, worked with anyone like me.

I'm not responding to any more of your messages, it's a waste of time, you can email me every day to tell me what a douche bag I am. Again........... you're the one that went out of her way to cause damage with your words, display inability to follow rules, and your blog that is a never ending diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the thought.

I took you off my Christmas list this year :)

Pete. "

About trust - funny, that's not what I've seen. You betrayed my trust when you showed my words to other people. I believe the last sentence in the first paragraph of what I said to you in the main private message is this:

"I would appreciate it if this conversation was kept private between me and you and no one else."

When you showed it around, you broke that trust. And I didn't show every PM we've ever had, only the ones pertaining to this issue. If you asked me right this minute to keep everything else from this day forward that we ever discussed private, I would not share it with anyone. That is the difference between you and me.

Where the hell did you see anything about "shutting the site down"? NO one mentioned anything about that, not in public and not in private to me. Pete, you need to remember that I am not the only one who you've pissed off in the past, nor will I be the last.

And finally, it doesn't matter what you said to me and Steve behind the scenes. You know how the rumor mill works. Every time something happens, and you post your overly emo rants, and people go around saying "so and so did this", and "so and so did that", people get hurt.

With that, I have nothing more to say to you, ever.

You're off my Halloween list. Permanently.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Because I'm tired of the drama associated with HauntSpace

Recent events, though unrelated, have brought some extra drama to my online doorstep. Some of you know about last year’s July/August HauntSpace (HS) drama where I and a few of my friends were shown the door and the ensuing backlash of that forced exit. If you don’t, you’ll have to go and read my oldest blogs here on Blogspot. Eventually, fences were mended and past deeds forgiven, though not forgotten. Time passes, and after much thought, many emails and PMs from other people on other sites, apologies and a little bit of begging from Pete, the HS admin, I figured I’d give it another try. It was a hard decision for me, since when I make up my mind on something, and make the vow to never revisit certain things, I typically stick to it. I swore I would NEVER return to HS. I guess I wanted to show that I can be a bigger person than to hold a grudge like that, so in February 2009, I signed up again.

I re-created my profile, added photos and blogs, took the polls, commented people’s pages, sent PMs, joined groups, etc.. Even so, things were not the same, as now contributing and participating felt forced on my part. I didn’t really enjoy it anymore, and most of the people I cared to communicate with had already branched out onto other venues after the last fallout, so I didn’t need HS anymore. Add to that the fact that I really felt like I was only ever checking in to see mass-sent html comments – even though I had them disabled – and a bunch of group invites that, as well meaning as they are, were just not remotely haunt-related, nor interesting to me. I’m not complaining about people sending me stuff - it’s nice to be thought of; it’s just that none of it was what I cared about or would have been involved in anyway. It felt like being on MySpace, which I also rarely check on anymore. Not many people bothered with sending a personally typed note with an actual message in it, just the same glittery/cute/funny html comments that were sent to everyone else on their friends list. Yes, the thought is behind the comment I guess, but I really would rather have a simple “Hi”. Once a couple of people knew I didn’t like those kinds of html-based images all over my page, they did send me personal notes or comments, which was nice and I always responded to them. To me, that is what the COMMENT field is for, an actual comment. I don’t know, maybe I have lost my sense of humor or something. I just don’t like the picture comments. I even had it listed in my “turn offs/dislikes” section. I’ve always said that the general person is not usually very observant, and I stand by that. Nobody bothers to really read profiles anymore, and most admit to just looking at the pictures. If anyone bothered to read mine, they’d know I do not like the glitter.

Fast forward a few months to this August (2009). I have a lot on my mind at this point, I have no time or energy to do anything with my work/sleep schedule and I am so burnt out with a lot of things that I haven’t even contributed anything new anywhere online in months. I haven’t made any new props, have barely kept up with the forums, and even my housework has been sporadic at best. Work has been an emotional and physical challenge on many nights, we’ve had some tough times with my family, and I’ve had a lot of low points where I just wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. The past year has led to a lot of cutbacks for me. I’ve left almost all of the Yahoo groups I was on save two. I only participate at a couple of forums, and that is limited to mostly mod duties. I have my own forum to run and deal with. Some days I don’t even bother to read emails because I don’t have the mental energy to reply to them. I’ve wasted a lot of the free time that I do have just zoning out playing whatever the game of the week was, just so I don’t have to think. I’m tired. So, I’m still prioritizing. HauntSpace was not a priority, so it was on the chopping block.

I logged in to see I got another html comment. I canceled my account. It’s not anyone’s fault, doesn’t have anything to do with any one person at all. It was just time. Some things run their course; some things just shouldn’t be revisited. HS probably should have just been one of those things I just didn’t go back to at all. I didn’t miss it much, only missed the people, but almost all of them were other places too, so I didn’t need to be there.

I posted on my Facebook (FB) account, as a status update that I deleted my account. I knew that people would be assuming that there was some kind of drama involved, but this time there wasn’t. I wanted to make sure nobody jumped to conclusions or thought there’d been fighting again. This is the post, and the comments that followed, in their entirety, nothing except pictures and names deleted or altered to protect their privacy (it can also still be viewed on my page on FB as I do not delete anything) Individual comments will be color coded for easier distinguishing:

Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Yes, I deleted my Hauntspace account. No, there's no drama associated with it this time. Just not "feelin' it" anymore, and it's a waste of time checking in to see glittery comments and useless nonsense that doesn't have a whole lot to do with actual haunting. (No offense to those who like that stuff, I just don't have time for it these days.)

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Facebook User:

maybe a small break this year???
I took 2 years off, this will be the 3rd....now I'm thinking, maybe nest year...do have a small bug for it this year.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

It's not haunting that I'm disassociating myself with, it's just Hauntspace. That place just ain't my cup o' tea anymore.

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Facebook User:

I completely agree, especially about the glittery comments. Ya know I recently got an angry message from one of the members who was pissed at me for removing them from my top list. Are you kidding me?

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Ya know, it's YOUR page, you can do what you want to it- anyone who'd get nasty about it doesn't deserve to be on your list at all. If the dang "disable html comments" function actually WORKED, it wouldn't be so bad. I would really just rather get an actual TYPED message, with some thought or personal words in it. Apparently nobody can think for themselves anymore. There were a few people who'd post small notes to wish a nice weekend without the glitter, which is nice.

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Facebook User:

I'm with ya there. I haven't deleted mine, but it's sat dormant like a corpse for a couple years now.

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Facebook User:

Aye... HS be nice an' all fer fairwaether friends, an' thar be a few swabs that I shall be missin', bu' 'tis naught bu' a waste o' me time now.. savvy?

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Savvy. ;-)

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Facebook User:

I completely understand your feelings. The funny thing about Hauntspace is that They deleted my account.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

You're not missing much.

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Facebook User:

Let's not forget the ridiculous forums. The amount of BS and ass kissing that goes down in there is insane!! Sorry, now I am just bashing.

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Facebook User:

I still have two - both with links to my blog. Gotta agree on the glittery comments thing. It's hard to have time to be everywhere.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Hehe... M... I will refrain from commenting on that for now.

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Facebook User:

LOL, They deleted me within 3 days! I missed all of the whining and more than likely, the "ooh cool!" Halloween Nation was getting that way, too! Chris Brasy deleted the whole website to sell silicone masks. At least we still have the "Florida Haunter Website" with the Ghostess in charge! You would like her, she is cool! The Ghostess inspired me to upgrade my "topless statue" of Elizabeth Idalia. 75% of the statue was doing fine. Her base rotted out anf the birds added a nest behind her neck. I was surpised none of the smaller birds made a nest inside of her empty fiberglass head.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

The Ghostess, huh? She sound like a really cool chick. ;-)

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Facebook User:

The Ghostess is burned out these days. I feel she will re light her fires when her spirit views the Harvest Moon in the fall! As the nights get colder, the inspiration to create will get hotter! Right now it is just a quarter moon, so the Ghostess has more time to relax. I am sure the "Evil Empire" is still getting the Back to School stuff out! Labor Day, all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff should start showing up on the shelves.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Indeed... hey, we're getting the shelves ready for candy this week!

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Facebook User:

yum..let me at the candy corn

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Facebook User:

Let me recreate HS for you:

Happy Boo Day!! ******** < glitter
[image of gothy vampress like you would air brush on your sweet 72 Ford Econoline)
********************** <>

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Gee, thanks Facebook User! I know I can always count on you to bring the glitter!

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Facebook User:

And the crown goes to Facebook User of XxX!!!....hehe

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Facebook User:

Just in case you were going through withdrawal :)

I'll send you a glitter comment for Scary Saturday, Haunted Hump Day, Sabbath Sunday, Torture Tuesday, hell - I'll send one for all of them! You'll feel like you never left! Then I'll make my text the same color as my non scrolling animated background, with auto play music too. Maybe some java widgets that crash your browser too....

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Shucks, you really DO like me!

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Facebook User:

I like the comments...glitter and all...they come from the people I have met, come to care about and chat with at times. But difference is what makes the world go round!

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Eh, the glittery stuff can stay on Myspace IMO, it annoyed me that nobody bothers to read profiles and the fact that I even had glitter comments as one of my turn-offs/dislikes. Someone who cared about me or chatted with me at all (or read my profile) would know I detest those things. Of course, I've found that most people really are not that observant. To each his/her own!

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Facebook User:


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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

I would like to point out, for the record, that this is a decision that I have been mulling over for a while now. I went back to HS with doubts about why I was even bothering. I won't go into all of my reasons, but I can tell you that the glitter comments are low on that totem pole, and are only something trivial to comment on. The rest of the story ... well... those who know me well know the reasons. Everyone else can speculate, gossip, what have you. I just don't care anymore. :)

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Facebook User:

I blame Vic's beard.

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Facebook User:

Hmmm...It's too bad that your own private decision to do anything has to be open for discussion by other people. You are a big girl and sounds like you know what you are doing and it is the best thing for you! So even those who don't know know you so well, but care, should just support that...I do! ♥ No glitter..just a heart....

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Facebook User:

Well Ghostess, i'll miss you. I was probably one of those people who sent the bling. (Sorry) I like HS cause i can make my page all about what i like about halloween. I've made some friends there too.I think a comment is a way for people to say hey, just thinking about ya enough to send you a comment. I know i need to get a life. Ya think? To each his own. BTW i ordered my motor for my FCG! I'm so excited! YAY!!!!!!!

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Facebook User:

I haven't been on HauntSpace in years... I think I have an account, but between MySpace, which I haven't been to in months, & facebook & the L, who's got the time?
Seems all these * new* places popped up & instead of being a haven away from the drama, they've become where the drama followed.

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Andrew Griffith

I'm behind ya 100 percent baby (mainly so I can watch your butt!)


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Facebook User:

Deanna, I'm gonna have to agree with Facebook User - whatever your reasons are for leaving are your reasons and you shouldn't even feel you have to explain them or defend them. I don't know you well either but do care about you and will gladly and definitely support whatever decision is right for you. I am a member there but seldom leave any kind of ... comments on anybody's pages unless I just want to say hello or reply to something that was said to me. I left there once because of drama - I don't do the drama thing cause it's supposed to be about fun IMO. I went back but I'm not a big participant. Glad you are here so I can always keep in touch with you though!

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Facebook User

I've never been there myself. I tend to stick around HF. Not too much glitter over there. Just straight-up prop stuff.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Eh, it's just one of those things that runs its course.

T - it's no big deal.. lol I tried to bring some levity to my reasoning, now I'm considered a glitter hater. It's all good.

I don't spend hardly any time anywhere anymore other than my own forum and here on FB, with the bursts of HauntForum and GoE here and there, and I still read ALL the emails from the Hall-L, because that's something I'll never give up since it's where the insanity all began. I just don't have time for it all anymore. ...

It's really annoying the drama that's unfolding constantly with people, especially those who claim to hate it, but seem to swim in it. Blog to follow in the next day or two. I'm a changed person these days.

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Facebook User:

Yes, you will now and forever more be known as the glitter hater!! LOL

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Facebook User:

the one good thing about never being in the loop of what's going on is that you also never know about any of the drama and don't have to deal with any of it. LOL Thinking of you and hoping you aren't changing too much now...you're great like you are!

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As you all can see, I never said anything about any one person, nor did I “bash” Hauntspace. I made comments about how I feel about html comments and people in general, and that I didn’t care for HS any longer.

More to come later, plenty more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I haven’t blogged in a while, just really haven’t had a whole lot to share lately. Some recent events in my life, however, have made me realize a few things about people in general and about myself as well, so I’d like to get a few things off my chest. This IS, after all, the “Rantings and Ravings” blog!

I’ll start in order of importance, and anyone who reads it can just move along to whichever he/she cares to read (if they do care at all). First up will be family – but I think I’ll post this one as its own blog since it will be a lengthy one:

I’ll start with my Granny’s life and death, which has been the most recent family-related issue that has changed some of the way I think and handle things. A little back-history on why I feel the way I feel about her: Granny Hurlbert was my father’s mother. She was not a very “loving” grandmother to me or my two sisters. As a matter of fact, she said when my sister Rosie was born and named, that she would call her “shit” before she called her Roseanne. What kind of grandmother says something like that about her granddaughter? She was never very nice to my mother, never very nice to me or my sisters, yet was very giving to the other grandchildren. Sure, she did a lot for my mother and us when we were still toddlers, mainly because my father had a spell during which he was not exactly Mr. Wonderful, but she raised the man, so I think she felt maybe a little responsible for his poor choices. As we were growing up, the only vibes I ever got from her were dislike or indifference. We never liked to go down to her house, and the sad thing is that she lived two houses down the street from us. Being a small child, and not feeling welcome down there, I was always somewhat afraid of her. It was quite a stretch from how my mother’s mother was toward us (and still is).

Grandma King is and has always been the most loving woman I’ve ever met in my life. She has treated all of us grandkids the same, always made us feel loved and cared for. There are no favorites, we’re all equal, the way it SHOULD be.

Granny, on the other hand, made it very clear who the favorites were on that side of the family, all of whom are boys. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me, for her to not love me. My feelings were hurt so many times by that woman that as soon as I was old enough to decide I didn’t want to step foot in that house, I stayed away. I loved my grandfather though; he was a truly wonderful man. He was kind and loving. I thought it odd that he was paired with her. His funeral was huge, with so many people that some had to wait outside the funeral home. He was loved and respected.

Granny died a couple of weeks ago. Her funeral was small, with not very many people there. I thought it was quite ironic that she was so heavily eulogized as a giving, loving and kind woman who loved God, when I never saw that side of her. The only times I saw her in a church were for funerals and weddings, she never mentioned God or religion in any way in front of any of us. I only asked her ONCE for ANYTHING ever… to borrow a belt sander for a couple of days. I think I was 20 at the time. She replied that people have a tendency to not bring things back, so I said forget it and went and bought one of my own. Yet she loaned out her stuff all the time to other people. What kind of person does that to someone who’s never wronged her?

It’s true that she baked the cake for my wedding back in 1990, and that she and some other family members from that side of the family did a lot for the food and stuff for the reception… but I don’t believe she did that for me. She did it for Lee, my ex-husband. It’s no secret that he was a favorite among the family that didn’t know him as well as my parents, my sisters and I did. I was thankful, yes, but I’d have preferred she not do anything for us at all. I could be wrong about some things, but this is how I felt at the time and still feel now. I never asked her for any of it. Her inclusion beyond being a guest was not my idea.

It’s true that she was a giving person to EVERYONE ELSE but us. She did stuff for other people all the time. She was always busy, cooking for everyone, taking care of people who didn’t deserve it, and being a “servant”, as she was described as being. She was the type to jump in and learn something new, she was a hard worker and brutally honest. Listening to the eulogy, I found myself thinking, “Wow, Deanna, you take after her in some ways.” She has never been much of a role model for me, and it’s crazy that I am like her, when I so do NOT want to be.

So after the funeral and the wake, I found myself alone in my room, thinking about her. Many negative comments were made at and after the funeral about her. All were true. She seemed like such a bitter woman to me, and a lot of the family felt the same way. She was described as brutally honest. Well, this is my way of paying homage to the woman I grew up fearing. I’m being brutally honest about how I feel about her. I have NO good memories of her. The memories I have are of her looking at us with that COLD STARE that she always did. She’d just stare at us, not saying anything… kinda leaves you with that “don’t know what to say or do” feeling. It’s not a good feeling to get from a grandparent. I remember her being angry with me over a family secret that was absolutely RIDICULOUS and that EVERYONE knew about, but *I* got the blame for outing to a close friend of mine who was seeing the family member the secret was kept from AFTER he was told. Thanks, cousin Theresa, for being a snitching bitch. I’ll never forget that one.

The last time I spoke to her was last year, when I went out to the Garage so that my dad could teach me to weld. I stopped in before leaving the old ‘hood to see her (she was in bad shape, the cancer was well on its way to taking her) and had to endure the cold stare once more. As I was leaving, I went over to her to hug her, and I said to her “I love you”. Came out of the one-sided hug, and she just looked at me, with that stare, and said nothing. I gave her that one last chance to give me SOMETHING, some sign that she did indeed love me as a grandmother should. She gave me NOTHING. No waver in her glare. No twitch of the mouth. Nothing. I said it loud enough for her to hear me, right in her ear. She was not hard of hearing - that much I know. She heard me, chose not to respond. I won’t lie, it hurt. It was at that point that I vowed to NEVER set foot in that house again.

Think of me as you will, but I stuck to my vow. She’s dead now, and with her dies the pain of feeling like a thorn, unloved, and inadequate. I am a forgiving person. There’s a point where you just have to let go of some things. I’m letting go of it. Unfortunately, I will never forget any of it, but there’s no point in carrying around the resentment from that part of my life, when there was so much good to think of instead.

Rest in Peace, Granny.