Friday, August 28, 2009

Because I'm tired of the drama associated with HauntSpace

Recent events, though unrelated, have brought some extra drama to my online doorstep. Some of you know about last year’s July/August HauntSpace (HS) drama where I and a few of my friends were shown the door and the ensuing backlash of that forced exit. If you don’t, you’ll have to go and read my oldest blogs here on Blogspot. Eventually, fences were mended and past deeds forgiven, though not forgotten. Time passes, and after much thought, many emails and PMs from other people on other sites, apologies and a little bit of begging from Pete, the HS admin, I figured I’d give it another try. It was a hard decision for me, since when I make up my mind on something, and make the vow to never revisit certain things, I typically stick to it. I swore I would NEVER return to HS. I guess I wanted to show that I can be a bigger person than to hold a grudge like that, so in February 2009, I signed up again.

I re-created my profile, added photos and blogs, took the polls, commented people’s pages, sent PMs, joined groups, etc.. Even so, things were not the same, as now contributing and participating felt forced on my part. I didn’t really enjoy it anymore, and most of the people I cared to communicate with had already branched out onto other venues after the last fallout, so I didn’t need HS anymore. Add to that the fact that I really felt like I was only ever checking in to see mass-sent html comments – even though I had them disabled – and a bunch of group invites that, as well meaning as they are, were just not remotely haunt-related, nor interesting to me. I’m not complaining about people sending me stuff - it’s nice to be thought of; it’s just that none of it was what I cared about or would have been involved in anyway. It felt like being on MySpace, which I also rarely check on anymore. Not many people bothered with sending a personally typed note with an actual message in it, just the same glittery/cute/funny html comments that were sent to everyone else on their friends list. Yes, the thought is behind the comment I guess, but I really would rather have a simple “Hi”. Once a couple of people knew I didn’t like those kinds of html-based images all over my page, they did send me personal notes or comments, which was nice and I always responded to them. To me, that is what the COMMENT field is for, an actual comment. I don’t know, maybe I have lost my sense of humor or something. I just don’t like the picture comments. I even had it listed in my “turn offs/dislikes” section. I’ve always said that the general person is not usually very observant, and I stand by that. Nobody bothers to really read profiles anymore, and most admit to just looking at the pictures. If anyone bothered to read mine, they’d know I do not like the glitter.

Fast forward a few months to this August (2009). I have a lot on my mind at this point, I have no time or energy to do anything with my work/sleep schedule and I am so burnt out with a lot of things that I haven’t even contributed anything new anywhere online in months. I haven’t made any new props, have barely kept up with the forums, and even my housework has been sporadic at best. Work has been an emotional and physical challenge on many nights, we’ve had some tough times with my family, and I’ve had a lot of low points where I just wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. The past year has led to a lot of cutbacks for me. I’ve left almost all of the Yahoo groups I was on save two. I only participate at a couple of forums, and that is limited to mostly mod duties. I have my own forum to run and deal with. Some days I don’t even bother to read emails because I don’t have the mental energy to reply to them. I’ve wasted a lot of the free time that I do have just zoning out playing whatever the game of the week was, just so I don’t have to think. I’m tired. So, I’m still prioritizing. HauntSpace was not a priority, so it was on the chopping block.

I logged in to see I got another html comment. I canceled my account. It’s not anyone’s fault, doesn’t have anything to do with any one person at all. It was just time. Some things run their course; some things just shouldn’t be revisited. HS probably should have just been one of those things I just didn’t go back to at all. I didn’t miss it much, only missed the people, but almost all of them were other places too, so I didn’t need to be there.

I posted on my Facebook (FB) account, as a status update that I deleted my account. I knew that people would be assuming that there was some kind of drama involved, but this time there wasn’t. I wanted to make sure nobody jumped to conclusions or thought there’d been fighting again. This is the post, and the comments that followed, in their entirety, nothing except pictures and names deleted or altered to protect their privacy (it can also still be viewed on my page on FB as I do not delete anything) Individual comments will be color coded for easier distinguishing:

Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Yes, I deleted my Hauntspace account. No, there's no drama associated with it this time. Just not "feelin' it" anymore, and it's a waste of time checking in to see glittery comments and useless nonsense that doesn't have a whole lot to do with actual haunting. (No offense to those who like that stuff, I just don't have time for it these days.)

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Facebook User:

maybe a small break this year???
I took 2 years off, this will be the I'm thinking, maybe nest have a small bug for it this year.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

It's not haunting that I'm disassociating myself with, it's just Hauntspace. That place just ain't my cup o' tea anymore.

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Facebook User:

I completely agree, especially about the glittery comments. Ya know I recently got an angry message from one of the members who was pissed at me for removing them from my top list. Are you kidding me?

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Ya know, it's YOUR page, you can do what you want to it- anyone who'd get nasty about it doesn't deserve to be on your list at all. If the dang "disable html comments" function actually WORKED, it wouldn't be so bad. I would really just rather get an actual TYPED message, with some thought or personal words in it. Apparently nobody can think for themselves anymore. There were a few people who'd post small notes to wish a nice weekend without the glitter, which is nice.

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Facebook User:

I'm with ya there. I haven't deleted mine, but it's sat dormant like a corpse for a couple years now.

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Facebook User:

Aye... HS be nice an' all fer fairwaether friends, an' thar be a few swabs that I shall be missin', bu' 'tis naught bu' a waste o' me time now.. savvy?

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Savvy. ;-)

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Facebook User:

I completely understand your feelings. The funny thing about Hauntspace is that They deleted my account.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

You're not missing much.

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Facebook User:

Let's not forget the ridiculous forums. The amount of BS and ass kissing that goes down in there is insane!! Sorry, now I am just bashing.

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Facebook User:

I still have two - both with links to my blog. Gotta agree on the glittery comments thing. It's hard to have time to be everywhere.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Hehe... M... I will refrain from commenting on that for now.

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Facebook User:

LOL, They deleted me within 3 days! I missed all of the whining and more than likely, the "ooh cool!" Halloween Nation was getting that way, too! Chris Brasy deleted the whole website to sell silicone masks. At least we still have the "Florida Haunter Website" with the Ghostess in charge! You would like her, she is cool! The Ghostess inspired me to upgrade my "topless statue" of Elizabeth Idalia. 75% of the statue was doing fine. Her base rotted out anf the birds added a nest behind her neck. I was surpised none of the smaller birds made a nest inside of her empty fiberglass head.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

The Ghostess, huh? She sound like a really cool chick. ;-)

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Facebook User:

The Ghostess is burned out these days. I feel she will re light her fires when her spirit views the Harvest Moon in the fall! As the nights get colder, the inspiration to create will get hotter! Right now it is just a quarter moon, so the Ghostess has more time to relax. I am sure the "Evil Empire" is still getting the Back to School stuff out! Labor Day, all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff should start showing up on the shelves.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Indeed... hey, we're getting the shelves ready for candy this week!

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Facebook User:

yum..let me at the candy corn

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Facebook User:

Let me recreate HS for you:

Happy Boo Day!! ******** < glitter
[image of gothy vampress like you would air brush on your sweet 72 Ford Econoline)
********************** <>

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Gee, thanks Facebook User! I know I can always count on you to bring the glitter!

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Facebook User:

And the crown goes to Facebook User of XxX!!!....hehe

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Facebook User:

Just in case you were going through withdrawal :)

I'll send you a glitter comment for Scary Saturday, Haunted Hump Day, Sabbath Sunday, Torture Tuesday, hell - I'll send one for all of them! You'll feel like you never left! Then I'll make my text the same color as my non scrolling animated background, with auto play music too. Maybe some java widgets that crash your browser too....

Wed at 1:53pm · Delete

Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Shucks, you really DO like me!

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Facebook User:

I like the comments...glitter and all...they come from the people I have met, come to care about and chat with at times. But difference is what makes the world go round!

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Eh, the glittery stuff can stay on Myspace IMO, it annoyed me that nobody bothers to read profiles and the fact that I even had glitter comments as one of my turn-offs/dislikes. Someone who cared about me or chatted with me at all (or read my profile) would know I detest those things. Of course, I've found that most people really are not that observant. To each his/her own!

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Facebook User:


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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

I would like to point out, for the record, that this is a decision that I have been mulling over for a while now. I went back to HS with doubts about why I was even bothering. I won't go into all of my reasons, but I can tell you that the glitter comments are low on that totem pole, and are only something trivial to comment on. The rest of the story ... well... those who know me well know the reasons. Everyone else can speculate, gossip, what have you. I just don't care anymore. :)

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Facebook User:

I blame Vic's beard.

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Facebook User:

Hmmm...It's too bad that your own private decision to do anything has to be open for discussion by other people. You are a big girl and sounds like you know what you are doing and it is the best thing for you! So even those who don't know know you so well, but care, should just support that...I do! ♥ No glitter..just a heart....

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Facebook User:

Well Ghostess, i'll miss you. I was probably one of those people who sent the bling. (Sorry) I like HS cause i can make my page all about what i like about halloween. I've made some friends there too.I think a comment is a way for people to say hey, just thinking about ya enough to send you a comment. I know i need to get a life. Ya think? To each his own. BTW i ordered my motor for my FCG! I'm so excited! YAY!!!!!!!

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Facebook User:

I haven't been on HauntSpace in years... I think I have an account, but between MySpace, which I haven't been to in months, & facebook & the L, who's got the time?
Seems all these * new* places popped up & instead of being a haven away from the drama, they've become where the drama followed.

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Andrew Griffith

I'm behind ya 100 percent baby (mainly so I can watch your butt!)


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Facebook User:

Deanna, I'm gonna have to agree with Facebook User - whatever your reasons are for leaving are your reasons and you shouldn't even feel you have to explain them or defend them. I don't know you well either but do care about you and will gladly and definitely support whatever decision is right for you. I am a member there but seldom leave any kind of ... comments on anybody's pages unless I just want to say hello or reply to something that was said to me. I left there once because of drama - I don't do the drama thing cause it's supposed to be about fun IMO. I went back but I'm not a big participant. Glad you are here so I can always keep in touch with you though!

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Facebook User

I've never been there myself. I tend to stick around HF. Not too much glitter over there. Just straight-up prop stuff.

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Deanna Hurlbert Griffith

Eh, it's just one of those things that runs its course.

T - it's no big deal.. lol I tried to bring some levity to my reasoning, now I'm considered a glitter hater. It's all good.

I don't spend hardly any time anywhere anymore other than my own forum and here on FB, with the bursts of HauntForum and GoE here and there, and I still read ALL the emails from the Hall-L, because that's something I'll never give up since it's where the insanity all began. I just don't have time for it all anymore. ...

It's really annoying the drama that's unfolding constantly with people, especially those who claim to hate it, but seem to swim in it. Blog to follow in the next day or two. I'm a changed person these days.

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Facebook User:

Yes, you will now and forever more be known as the glitter hater!! LOL

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Facebook User:

the one good thing about never being in the loop of what's going on is that you also never know about any of the drama and don't have to deal with any of it. LOL Thinking of you and hoping you aren't changing too much're great like you are!

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As you all can see, I never said anything about any one person, nor did I “bash” Hauntspace. I made comments about how I feel about html comments and people in general, and that I didn’t care for HS any longer.

More to come later, plenty more.

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