Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LIARS make me angry

Now I'm REALLY cranky.  Like, REALLY cranky.

"Madison Eden", since you decided you want to LIE about me, I think I'll post what I REALLY sent to you and people can see for themselves what was said and what wasn't. 

This is the actual email that I sent to her last week:


There are a few things we need to get settled.

1. It's my Rants and Ravings BLOG, not my SITE, that I posted everything on. Not many people read it, but the ones that do learn a thing or two about the stuff that pisses me off. My site has nothing to do with my Rants and Ravings blog, nor does the Rants and Ravings blog have anything to do with my site. If I wanted everyone to know about it all, I'd post it on the front page of my website. I just don't think that's the place for my anger.

2. There are a lot of haunters who feel the same way I do about what makes a person a "haunter". Of COURSE, the ones who do won't be posting on your blog on HauntSpace agreeing with you like your "friends" and admirers are, because they probably don't read it, don't care, or just plain aren't on HauntSpace.

3. I don't think I am a top prop builder. I never have. I build stuff because I love doing it. I post the pics like everyone else does, to show them off and to share with other people. I chronicle the making of each one, so that I don't have to keep replying over and over again to other haunters who want to know how I did something. Haunters are about sharing. That's why we're all online, joining groups, forums, building websites, and going to make and takes and conventions. I have never EVER felt that I was better than anyone else, and I don't believe I have ever tried to tear anyone's work down. Quite the contrary, I've been supportive to those who are trying to make their own things and complimentary when they have succeeded (or not succeeded, things don't always go as planned.) Part of my job as an administrator and moderator on my own forum and the other forums I mod on is to urge people to TRY, never give up, and be PROUD of their work. I always tell people that my earlier work really sucked, and I have the pics to prove it. Everyone who knows me, both online and in person, knows that I am humble and hate the spotlight. How can is that being a "top prop builder"? I'm a perfectionist and I'm never happy with my own work, so how could I think it's better than anyone else's? I'm always learning new techniques and trying new things, EVERYONE has room for improvement, even the pros. I think if Stoll or DeadSpider or any other prop builder pissed you off, you'd be saying the same garbage about them too.

4. Where has anyone singled out a person in a negative way on a site or forum? Hmmm? You and Pete have been singled out on my BLOG, which gets like 5 people reading it, and only because you both pissed me off and dragged me into something that had nothing to do with me. You didn't clarify diddly on your blog when you posted about the stuff that was said about you. I sent my opinion to Pete in a PRIVATE message, from a member to an admin and asked him to keep it private months ago. It was an observation of his posting (singling you out and singing your praises) that a lot of other people thought was just bad taste. It was never intended for you to see or to know about, because I knew it would hurt your feelings and there was no need to do that. I'm sure you've had opinions about other people before that you've voiced, but didn't want the person you had the opinion about to know. Even on my blog, I STILL said nice things about you, pissed as I was. Trust me, I could have totally been a bitch and posted all sorts of horrible things about you, but why would I? What would it accomplish? Whether I like a person or not, I don't like intentionally hurting anyone's feelings, it's not my style. If you had just asked me instead of jumping to conclusions and posting your assumptions, none of this would have even been brought to light.

5. Who the heck said Halloween is for haunters only? And, I'm sorry, but aren't YOU singling ME out and tearing ME down in a negative way? Don't cast stones, dear. Regardless of whether you post my name, you're still doing it. I never bashed HauntSpace. I bashed glitter comments, and I mentioned the html comment disable function because it doesn't work. I said HauntSpace was not for me any longer. Wait - while we're on the subject of bashing, didn't you and several others, in fact, BASH GoE ON HauntSpace? Ya know, there has NEVER been a negative comment made on GoE about HauntSpace. Steve won't allow it. Are you saying that y'all can do it over there and it's okay, but if someone else says something negative about HauntSpace, then it's wrong?

6. How are you making enemies? How is someone considered an "enemy" online? Are we in a war? I don't consider anyone my enemy - especially you, and even Pete. The only thing I did was point out the truth because I'm tired of the rumors and lies. The only person I blame for any of this was Pete for sharing something that was not intended for other people to see. Before this incident, I actually DID like you, despite what you might like to think.

7. I get plenty of attention at home, sweetie. Plenty. (Sometimes too much, I don't like that.) I might be called "unclassy" (by YOUR friends), but I spoke the truth, and even if you don't like it, it's out there. Just remember, YOU started it by posting your blog and making unfounded comments first. YOU pulled me into the middle of it, when I had NOTHING to do with it at all. And MY true friends know me and what I stand for. I'm friendly and kind to everyone as well, until someone deserves the very rare unfriendly side of me. The first time in 12 YEARS of being in the online haunt community I EVER had a problem with another haunter was last year with Wally and Ginny, so I don't see where the heck you come off labeling me like that at all. I put up with a lot of crap in my life, held my tongue so many times - I thought I'd bite it off... So don't even think about trashing me in that way.

And to think, last night at work while I was alone and going over this whole mess in my head, I was considering removing everything about this off the blog and just posting the relevant facts, leaving out all my feelings on the subject.

Deanna Griffith

She responded:
"Didn't read it, don't care."
I'm not quite sure how that qualifies as "hate mail", but whatever.  You come off like some kind of saint that never does anything wrong, yet you totally went off on me on that blog, even calling attention to it with your "UPDATE #2" crap.  I'm sick of you.  I'm sick of your false sweetness.  You showed your true colors.  I never bashed you.  I posted facts, what was actually said, and my opinion.  I could post up some scathing comments about you, but I sure as hell am not going to LIE like you did.  Trust me, I can send some hate mail if you'd like, but you're really not worth it.
I've sat on this for several days now, not wanting to persue it further.. but now you have really gone and done it.  Your removal of the banning incident from GoE and non-clarification of WHO tried to get you banned from HauntSpace last year has left room for more speculation as to which party is responsible for that and I had NOTHING to do with it and was even going up against the same two who WERE behind it.  I don't appreciate that kind of stupidity, especially from someone who is supposed to be the ultra-nice person that people think you are.  I had NOTHING to do with your banning from GoE either, and I don't appreciate you going around telling people that I did.  You're nothing more than a LIAR.

All you had to do FROM THE START, is READ.  Instead of listening to trouble-makers and taking their word for it because they're your "friends", you should have READ what was actually said before going around telling people that I had something to do with your removal from GoE.  I READ the information BEFORE I posted anything publicly about you or anything else. 

Pete - you should have NEVER shared what I told you IN CONFIDENCE.  That little mistake has caused this matter to escalate into more negativity and bad feelings than anything else done so far.  Some "friend" you are.  I will NEVER forgive you.  I'm sorry that I trusted you enough in the first place to speak honestly.

SoulEcho/EvilGenius - I didn't do anything to YOU, and you can boycott and badmouth all you want.  It's people who jump in and stir the pot like you're doing that caused this problem in the first place. You're doing exactly what Madison is accusing me of.  I don't recall ever saying anything to you, about you, or bringing the Florida Haunters into this matter.  I treat the Florida Haunters just fine and aside from one person who spams all the Halloween forums, I've never had an issue with anyone there.  Of course, you're entitled to your opinion, just as I am mine.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest - to the members of HauntSpace:  I'm sorry that those of y'all who know about this garbage had to hear/read about more drama.  I still believe HauntSpace is a great resource for haunters and Halloween fanatics.  I just wasn't into it anymore.  Like me or not, at least I'm honest. 

The only reason I bothered with any of this is because I don't like being LIED about.  Nobody likes that. 

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